Casamadre presents its first total look collection for man and woman at Pitti Immagine 88, two years after winning Who’s On Next. The project tells the story of a group of artists and sailors with a strong identity and sense of belonging. It tells the story of the moment when, after having been out at sea, they anchor near rocky cliffs. The 20 outfits created for this collection were designed for both man and woman and also include some chic, unisex pieces, to complement Casamadre’s unisex footwear collection. Wind and sea are the protagonists of this story. The soft silhouettes of Casamadre’s pieces delicately accompany the body. Blazers, shirts, pants and dresses evoke an intimate yet reassuring dimension and are inspired by the poetry of a Mediterranean nature. Thanks to the collaboration with historic Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti and to the precious help of Mr. Nino Cerruti, the fabrics chosen, wool and cotton/silk, define this collection as researched and sophisticated. They are accompanied by jewels and talismans printed on silks that evoke an ancient, lost Mediterranean era. Darl blu, light gray, bordeaux, black and white are only some of the colors that Casamadre chose to tell the story of these artists and sailors. White shoes, pointed ballerinas adorned with brass shells, wooden and cork heels represent a strong link to nature and sea. Casamadre’s man and woman tell the story of a journey and the experiences lived during the journey. The moment of anchoring near rocky cliffs symbolizes arrival and departure at the same time. The land will be the focus of Casamadre’s next project. That’s how Alessia Crea and David Parisi like to tell the story of their brand. “Our footwear collection represented a point of arrival but also a departure. We always thought of Casamadre as a universe where the complex identity of man and woman can be expressed.”