CASAMADRE was created in 2011. In 2013, it was awarded the WHO ‘S ON NEXT? 2013 at the 84th edition of Pitti Immagine CASAMADRE was born through Alessia’s and David’s need to create something very personal. It tells the story of their life paths, their worlds. “Casa” (“Home”) and “Madre” (‘Mother’) are simple words with a strong meaning: they evoke the personal and familiar dimensions of one’s life, their points of reference.

CASAMADRE tells the story of their origins, the story of the South: it’s a world where art, travels and people mix and entangle/intertwine. It’s the story of a group of people who experience the world, but who keep a strong sense of identity and belonging. Alessia and David define themselves through land, rocks and sea, in black and white. Their brand can be pictured by the image of a wooden, white sailing boat out at sea, ready to anchor near rocky cliffs. Tradition, roots and passion for research are Casamadre’s leitmotivs: Alessia and David create products that are contemporary, researched and characterized by a strong personality (full of character). The style is intellectual and contemporary.

On board the wooden white sailing boat are a group of people with a strong identity and sense of belonging, always in search of new emotions. “WE ARE FAMILY” refers to the community Alessia and David build along their paths, the friends and people who share their approach to life and support them in their journey.